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Glatfelter Insurance Group improves servicing options with IVANS

Glatfelter Insurance Group is one of the top 25 privately owned insurance brokers in the United States, managing the insurance and risk management needs of more than 30,000 clients. Recognizing technology as an enabler for ease of doing business, Glatfelter required an easy-to-implement solution to help automate operations with its agency and brokerage partners. The company chose to partner with IVANS to automate download and increase ease of doing business with its agency and insurer partners.

"Providing the most accurate and current information is a key expectation when agents begin to evaluate potential MGA and insurer partners."

Larissa Tosch

Vice President, Chief Information Officer,
Glatfelter Insurance Group


To learn how the company could leverage innovative technology to better serve clients, Glatfelter recently established a Technology Advisory Council comprised of 12 independent agents and brokers to learn how the company could leverage innovative technology to better serve clients. “Council members cited that reduced data entry, simplified workflows, and adoption of industry standards would improve efficiency and increase customer retention and service,” said Larissa Tosch, vice president and chief information officer, Glatfelter. Armed with valuable feedback, Glatfelter recognized there were opportunities to use technology to embrace industry standards and improve ease of doing business.


The company selected IVANS, the industry standard for connectivity and data exchange between insurers, MGAs and independent agencies, to automate download and improve servicing across its agency and insurer distribution channel. IVANS counseled Glatfelter to align its interface goals with the Council’s priorities, beginning with download, and organize the download project into manageable phases. The upfront business analysis for optimizing the company’s download was a key to success, as IVANS system specialists took time to learn about Glatfelter’s systems and business needs. Once the mappings were complete and certified, a set of initial transactions for each line of business was sent to each council member’s IVANS mailbox, beginning with Business Auto, followed by General Liability, Property, Package and Umbrella, and most recently Crime and Inland Marine, to assess for accuracy. The incremental approach worked effectively, allowing the company’s agencies to accept download of one policy line of business at a time and gradually adapt workflows within their operations.


Glatfelter has received positive feedback since implementing IVANS Download, significantly improving workflows and reducing manual data entry to save their distribution partners approximately 600 hours a month. Instead of keying in the same piece of data multiple times, they enter it in once through Glatfelter’s agent portal and the policy data flows back into their agency management system.

John Hamer is the director of operations at Horton Select Insurance, a brokerage partner who is already seeing the benefits of IVANS Download. “Glatfelter powered through the perception that program or niche business doesn’t lend itself to moving data using ACORD standards,” said Hamer. “IVANS has delivered an impressive pace of implementation, and receiving policies and endorsements electronically is a big time savings for us, coming right back to our bottom line.” The increases in efficiency and client retention have made Glatfelter an attractive MGA partner, allowing the company to enrich its current relationships and build new program business.

About Glatfelter Insurance Group

Glatfelter Insurance Group is a retail and MGA program manager based in Pennsylvania. Glatfelter focuses on property, casualty, life, accident and health insurance products and risk management services on both a retail and wholesale/specialty basis throughout the country.

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Company Snapshot

Headquarters: York, PA
Founded in 1951
500 associates
30,000 clients

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