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IVANS Benchmarks

Use data-driven insights to optimize pricing and market strategies

Making pricing decisions based on your gut or because it’s how the business has always operated might not create the same past success in today’s fast-paced, digitally connected environment. Technology is making sense of data and giving you the intelligence to make more informed business decisions, like pricing. IVANS Benchmarks provides your business this intelligence via artificial intelligence and machine learning-driven data insights on personal and commercial lines premium benchmarks. Powered by the most comprehensive dataset in the insurance industry, our data insights allow you to evaluate how competitive your pricing is against a range of industry premiums for similar businesses. 

Key Benefits

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Make data-driven pricing decisions

Combine the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning with the industry’s largest data set to make more intelligent pricing decisions.

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More clearly target growth markets

Layer in industry data into your current market intelligence analysis so you focus your business on the most profitable premium opportunities.

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Win more new and renewal business

Compare your pricing strategy against industry averages to optimize your price and win more new and renewal business.


  • Market Opportunity

    Provides insurers data-backed market intelligence when determining specific markets, products, and target segments to prioritize growth opportunities.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Shows insurers how their commercial lines products pricing strategy compares to industry premiums to determine likelihood of winning a quote or potentially losing a renewal on price.

  • Quotes and Renewals

    Enables insurers to compare quotes or renewals on a range of percentiles to raise close rates for new business and make data-driven decisions for remarketing renewals.

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