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IVANS Submissions

Automate commercial submissions to lower cycle times and increase win rates.

Today’s manual management of submissions is weighed down by lengthy paper-based applications and supplemental forms. The back and forth between insureds, agents and underwriters is time intensive and riddled with the potential for errors. IVANS Submissions is the industry solution for end-to-end commercial submissions management that enables insurers to more quickly and easily market appetite directly to agencies and automate submissions data exchange between systems. By tapping into the IVANS network of 32,000 agencies, IVANS Submissions enables insurers to efficiently reach the right agents with the right products to increase ease of doing business and drive the most profitable premium growth.

Key Benefits

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Generate new business

Increase visibility of your products in agencies’ daily workflows to increase submissions and win rates.

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Lower submission cycle times

Receive more complete submissions with required submission fields as structured data to more quickly internally route the submission.

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Make doing business with agencies easier

Give agencies convenient access to digitized forms, appetite information, fast submissions routing and automatic submission process updates. 

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Leverage existing infrastructure

Continue using your current technology. IVANS Submissions embraces insurers’ unique data requirements for risk analysis and uses APIs to automate the exchange of data directly to existing technology infrastructure, including insurer portals and underwriting systems.


  • Form Digitization

    In partnering with Indio, IVANS Submissions digitizes your unique forms so the required data fields are complete as part of the initial submission, eliminating time going back and forth with agencies to complete data capture, minimizing subsequent manual data entry, and delivers application as structured data.

  • Open Architecture

    IVANS Submissions provides an API for insurers to manage the submission data exchange and connect to their core underwriting systems, portals and other third-party applications to best meet their technology needs.

  • Submission Status

    Provide your agents the transparency into the submission process they desire with automated status updates into their system. Giving agencies updates on a submission’s status within your workflow can increase agent satisfaction and support the best insured experience.

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