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More than 5,600 agencies and the need to efficiently communicate with them

Liberty Mutual Insurance needed to keep up with agent demand for greater ease of doing business. With more than 5,600 independent agencies across the country, Liberty Mutual required a more efficient way to communicate with its agents and exchange important policy information on demand. Increasing insurer connectivity would enable Liberty Mutual to exchange data securely and seamlessly from their systems directly to agency management systems.

We saw an opportunity for greater ease of doing business with our agents through IVANS.

Susan LaBarre

Director Agency Automation & Quoting

A simple and effective way to automatically send documents

Liberty Mutual chose to automate eDocs and Messages download through IVANS as a secure and effective way to communicate relevant information about specific policies or claims to its agents to help build stronger agency relationships. “When we heard about eDocs and Messages download, we realized that this would be a simple and effective method for automatically sending policy documents to our agents,” said Susan LaBarre, director of Agency Automation & Quoting, Liberty Mutual Insurance. Automating communications through eDocs and Messages download enables Liberty Mutual to increase ease of doing business with its agents partners.

Agents can use eDocs and Messages download to receive billing, claims and policy information from Liberty Mutual directly into their agency management system, enabling them to increase efficiency and proactively reach out to their clients to build a stronger relationship as a trusted advisor. “eDocs and Messages are extremely beneficial to our agents and create a more seamless workflow,” said LaBarre. “IVANS has been instrumental in setting the standard for our agents by creating easy workflows for all of us.”

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Reduced operating costs and improved agency performance

Since using eDocs and Messages download through IVANS, Liberty mutual has been able to reduce operating costs, while increasing agency performance and improving agency-insurer connectivity. Liberty Mutual has turned on eDocs and Messages download for more than 1,200 agencies and the number continues to grow each month. “For us, having so many of our agents using eDocs and Messages makes delivering documents much easier,” said LaBarre. “One seamless process through IVANS saves time and resources for us and our agents.”

Liberty Mutual has seen a decrease in agents requesting paper policies and an increase in ease of doing business since leveraging eDocs and Messages download. IVANS’ secure, automated process of handling essential communications is a crucial part of Liberty Mutual’s interaction with the agents they do business with every day.

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