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Top O’ Michigan Insurance increases retention and efficiency with IVANS

Top O’ Michigan Insurance needed a solution to help increase automation and drive efficiency for both customers and staff, ensuring the agency could continue to keep customer service and client retention a top priority. Top O’ Michigan recently implemented eDocs and Messages download through IVANS to automate servicing across the insurance lifecycle and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

"With eDocs and Messages download, we are able to reach out to the client before they receive a notification about a cancellation. Receiving this notification within our existing workflow allows us to proactively reach out to clients and build relationships."

Brian Bartosh

Top O’ Michigan Insurance


Before implementing eDocs and Messages, Top O’ Michigan was receiving non-pays the day before they were due, negatively affecting customer retention and satisfaction rates. Staff was spending too much time each day manually entering data into multiple systems, causing increased risk and E&O exposure. Top O’ Michigan now automates data exchange with eDocs and Messages download via IVANS.


eDocs and Messages download now enables Top O’ Michigan to be more proactive about servicing and renewing policies with clients. eDocs and Messages download via IVANS automates daily workflows by delivering policy-related information, such as notifications and document attachments, from insurers directly into the agency’s management system. Documents are saved directly to the policy or client file, which saves the agent from having to log into multiple portals to pull down policy documents, allowing for immediate responses to client questions. Top O’ Michigan can now leverage automated information lookup in order to focus more time on customers, driving retention and increasing client satisfaction.


Top O’ Michigan has seen a three percent increase in client retention since implementing eDocs and Messages download, which translates to $250,000 per year in revenue. Clients are more satisfied when they see the agency proactively reaching out to avoid rewrites and cancellations. “With eDocs and Messages download, we are able to reach out to the client before they receive a notification about a cancellation,” said Brian Bartosh, president, Top O’ Michigan Insurance. “Receiving this notification within our existing workflow allows us to proactively reach out to clients and build relationships.” The agency can now spend more time consulting with clients and providing insurance advice with increased efficiency afforded by eDocs and Messages download.

Top O’ Michigan has also increased quality of service through quick and easy access to policy information. Staff can be proactive with instant access to messages attached directly to the client file within the agency management system. “Rather than telling clients that we will get back to them later, we can address the issue right away on the phone,” said Bartosh. “eDocs and Messages download works nicely to create a quality customer experience.”

For Personal Lines in particular, eDocs and Messages download creates more efficient workflows, saving time for the account managers. In fact, the agency is now saving two hours a day due to automation of workflows. “eDocs and Messages download create a seamless process for us, with everything directly managed through our management system,” said Bartosh. “The information is readily available to the CSRs in real time.” The staff at Top O’ Michigan no longer have to spend hours rekeying information or manually pulling it from portals.  “eDocs and Messages download is extremely easy to implement,” said Bartosh. “We now have six insurers using it, and I prefer to do business with insurers that offer eDocs and Messages download.” Adopting eDocs and Messages download streamlines communication throughout the insurance industry for all parties.

About Top O’ Michigan Insurance

Top O’ Michigan Insurance is an independent insurance agency offering a range of insurance products and services, including personal, commercial, life, health and retirement. The agency represents some of the finest companies in Michigan and serves clients through offices located in communities throughout Northern Michigan.

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Founded in 1974
Headquartered in Michigan
8 regional offices

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