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Schultheis Insurance improves customer service with IVANS

Schultheis Insurance, a family-owned independent insurance agency, needed to develop more efficient processes and ease of doing business initiatives to improve customer retention and provide better service to its clients. The company decided to automate eDocs and Messages download through IVANS to improve agency workflows and focus more time on serving clients and building their book of business.

"We receive information in real time, enabling our agents to have everything they need in one centralized location, right at their fingertips."

Casey Hearring

Systems Administrator,
Schultheis Insurance


Schultheis needed to meet the specialized requirements of each of its customers, while providing anytime service. Automating eDocs and Messages download through IVANS would provide Schultheis fast and easy access to important policy, claims and billing information directly within their agency management systems. 


Since 1944, Schultheis has provided competitive pricing, a broad choice of products and unparalleled customer advocacy. The agency began receiving eDocs and Messages download via IVANS to improve efficiency and automate insurer information exchange. “Previously, we had two teams spending time each morning pulling and attaching information to each relevant client file,”  said Casey Hearring, systems administrator for Schultheis Insurance. "On the insurer side, IVANS Download pushes insurer information directly to our agents, which frees them to focus on customer service.” Automating eDocs and Messages download enables the agency to focus more time on servicing clients to improve customer experience and retention.

Schultheis receives insurer information multiple times each day directly into its agency management system, Applied Epic – the fastest-growing agency management system. “We receive eDocs and Messages download in Applied Epic almost in real time, enabling our agents to have everything they need in one centralized location right at their fingertips,” said Hearring. Information is attached to the appropriate policy or client file and routed directly to the responsible employee for action, allowing agents to serve customers more proactively.


Schultheis is among a growing number of agencies that leverage automated tools to ensure ease of doing business. “Insurers are recognizing that agencies need automated information exchange so that we can both work efficiently and sell more business,” said Hearring. “Automating information exchange through download is a huge game changer for our agency.”

Since receiving eDocs and Messages download in Applied Epic, Schultheis has improved its sales process with instant access to important insurer information. Staff at Schultheis now provide coverage details in real time, delivering superior customer service when their clients need it the most.

About Schultheis Insurance

Schultheis Insurance is a family-owned independent insurance agency that employs more than 60 associates across four locations in Indiana. Recognized as Independent Agency of the Year by the Independent Insurance Agents of Indiana in both 1996 and 2007, Schultheis partners with over 150 insurance providers to offer a wide range of personal and commercial insurance products.

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Company Snapshot

Headquarters: Evansville, IN
Founded in 1944

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