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618 Insurance Agency increases efficiency and profitability with IVANS

Previously, staff at 618 Insurance Agency were frustrated with the time-consuming, manual process of finding quotes for commercial risks. When the agency implemented IVANS Markets, it experienced exponential time savings and growth opportunities with access to more markets for their clients.

"We have been able to save about four to five hours daily. The time savings from IVANS Markets is invaluable to me."

Ryan Aulabaugh

Risk Advisor,
618 Insurance Agency


Staff at 618 Insurance Agency previously spent many hours during the day calling each individual insurer to ask if they had appetite for the business they were looking to write, taking away time that could be spent servicing clients. Along with the amount of time it would take to call each insurer, they would experience many declines, prolonging the process. The agency needed technology that would reduce the dependency on traditional, time-consuming methods and build new business opportunities through more access to insurers.


618 Insurance Agency implemented IVANS Markets, an innovative online search tool for property and casualty insurance agents to quickly identify markets for commercial lines risks to submit their new and renewal business. Agents can simply enter a client risk into the search engine to receive instant search results listing appetite from commercial insurers, MGAs and wholesalers, enabling them to close more new and renewal business in less time and provide clients the best coverage.


Since leveraging IVANS Markets, staff at 618 Insurance Agency have experienced significant time savings when quoting insurers. “We have been able to save about four to five hours daily,” said Ryan Aulabaugh, Risk Advisor, 618 Insurance Agency. “The time savings from IVANS Markets is invaluable to me.”  The streamlined search tool identifies up-to-date insurer appetite, reducing time-consuming, manual processes often hampered by outdated, inaccurate information.  

Additionally, IVANS Markets enables staff to quickly find markets for risks by offering a broad array of insurer appetites. For example, when the agency needed to find a quote for a towing and auto body, Landlord rental dwelling policy, staff used IVANS Markets and immediately found an insurer to quote the business and won the business. Historically a risk that is difficult for the agency to write, IVANS Markets enabled them to save many hours of time and frustration to find the right insurer partner. “It’s changed the way I go about the quoting process,” said Aulabaugh. “I can go to IVANS Markets right after a call and quickly give a client an answer.” By displaying multiple appointed and non-appointed insurers interested in a risk, IVANS Markets enables staff to quickly find more and better markets for clients to win new and renewal business. IVANS Markets has provided 618 Insurance Agency greater automation between the agency and its insurers, ultimately increasing efficiency and profitability.

About 618 Insurance Agency

618 Insurance Agency is a leader in providing quality protection for hundreds of individuals, families and businesses throughout Illinois. Providing superior customer service and low rates along with the ability to understand our customer’s coverage needs drives the success of the agency.

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Headquarters: Godfrey, IL
Founded in 2016
Personal and Commercial Lines

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