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Compliance Reporting

A comprehensive auto liability reporting service to ensure you stay compliant with applicable state mandates

  • Simplify data management and reporting with a single-source for one or many states
  • Reduce time and cost of state mandated reporting requirements

IVANS Automobile Liability Insurance Reporting (ALIR) Pro is a comprehensive auto liability reporting service that provides you with an efficient system to report state automobile liability information to ensure compliance with all applicable state mandates. With IVANS ALIR Pro, you reduce time-consuming administrative processes by automatically sharing information with state departments of motor vehicles and continuously monitor changes in state laws regarding data format changes to ensure you continuously provide correct information.

IVANS offers three models that to fit your ALIR needs for one or multiple states:

  • ALIR Pro Software License: Operate the software and have total control of all network access and all data input and security. Users are able to view reports, validate data, confirm submissions, correct errors and verify confirmations online at any time
  • ALIR Pro Hosting and IT Operations Services: Hosted and operated by IVANS, users have the same access as above and can enter data and respond to state returned errors and verifications. In addition, you have full access to all data to use for customer service and on-demand reporting
  • ALIR Pro Hosting, IT Operations and Business Management Services: Hosted and operated by IVANS with more advanced capabilities to include some or all of the business management. As a truly customizable solution, it potentially includes implementation and daily workflow services, such as error correction and reporting, depending on your needs

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