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IVANS Download

A single platform to automate the exchange of policy-related information with agencies and MGAs

  • Build stronger agent relationships to drive business growth
  • Reduce time spent manually managing agent requests

IVANS Download enables you to quickly and easily exchange data with agencies and MGAs directly into their management systems, ensuring timely service for partners and insureds. Through automated exchange of policy-related information, IVANS Download reduces time spent manually managing individual information requests and ensures the latest information is instantly available throughout the underwriting and servicing process for both your agents and your business.

IVANS Download enables your business to:

  • Automate download via a single platform: Operate within a single, open platform for the daily exchange of policy, billing and claims inquiry-related information, eliminating time and expense configuring, managing, and maintaining multiple connectivity solutions.
  • Increase operational efficiency: Eliminate time spent processing individual, one-off agent requests.
  • Reduce errors & omissions: Increase data accuracy and minimize E&O with policy information synced directly between yours and your agency partners' system.

"IVANS Solutions are integral in doing business with our agents...if you're not using IVANS products then you're being set apart, but for the wrong reasons."

Tom Campana
Assistant VP of Agency & Policyholders Systems
The Motorists Insurance Group

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