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IVANS Rating Services

Expand instant rating via the broadest digital distribution network

  • Automate quoting workflows via a single exchange
  • Increase product visibility

IVANS Rating Services leverages your existing comparative rating infrastructure to connect your system to agency management systems and comparative raters to quickly and accurately exchange quote information. Connecting you directly into agents' daily quoting workflows, this cloud-based data exchange solution ensures your products are represented to the largest digital network of independent agencies, while reducing time spent managing one-off agent quote and vendor integration requests. IVANS Rating Services enables you to expand quote distribution through multiple online and integrated channels, increasing connectivity with agents nationwide so you can drive new business and build stronger agent relationships.

IVANS leverages extensive industry knowledge and best practices, and supports a wide range of policy and rating systems. IVANS Rating Services end-to-end integrated solution manages information exchange with your entire distribution channel, providing your business with the expertise and technology to exchange ACORD XML policy and rating data. 

IVANS Rating Services enables your business to:

  • Eliminate time and expense configuring, managing and maintaining multiple connections in separate systems.
  • Increase product visibility and expand quote distribution.
  • Offer seamless inline quoting to agents using participating agency management systems, comparative raters and other distribution platforms.
  • Ensure accuracy by leveraging existing systems, underwriting rules and rates through web services.
  • Decrease quote turnaround time to focus more resources on core system projects.

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