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IVANS Market Manager

An industry-first search engine for insurers to quickly identify business opportunities with current and new agencies

  • Expand your distribution footprint
  • Build new business with current agencies

IVANS Market Manager – an industry-first search engine for insurers – enables for you to quickly identify additional business opportunities with both current and new agencies. Create a list of target agencies based on a broad search by industry code, line of business or location to drive more effective discussions with your agency partners and prospects. As an insurer in an industry that’s more competitive than ever before, it’s critical for you to diversify your business to write the most profitable risks. IVANS Market Manager maximizes your business opportunities via the agency distribution channel by expanding your distribution footprint, increasing new business with current agencies, identifying future agency risks and growth areas, and providing data-driven market insights.

IVANS Market Manager allows your business to:

  • Expand your distribution footprint by connecting you with more agencies
  • Search both appointed and non-appointed agencies by industry code, line of business and location
  • Identify key growth areas and receive direct notification from agencies interested in new lines of business
  • Gain data-driven market insights on the most profitable lines of business and competitive rates

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IVANS Market Manager

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