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IVANS Market Appetite

An online search tool to communicate appetite to agents and MGAs

  • Automate appetite communications
  • Maximize the number of qualified submissions from agency partners

IVANS Market Appetite is an online search tool that enables you to communicate appetite when agents and MGAs begin searching for a market to submit their new and renewal commercial insurance business. Insurers waste significant time and money responding to out-of-appetite submissions. In a competitive marketplace, it’s essential to maximize the number of qualified submissions from your agency partners – but communicating appetite to agents can be difficult.

Integrated into agents’ and MGAs' daily workflows, IVANS Market Appetite ensures you can consistently present current appetite to agents, reducing dependency on time-consuming, manual steps traditionally used to communicate appetite. IVANS Market Appetite expands your marketing capabilities and directs more in-appetite submissions from agents into your pipeline to drive growth and profitability.

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