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What's New in IVANS Market Appetite

Find the best markets for your risks

Identifying carriers to quote submissions can be an inefficient manual process often hampered by delayed and inaccurate information.

IVANS Market Appetite is an online search tool integrated into your daily workflow that enables you to instantly identify carrier appetite when you begin searching for markets to submit your new and renewal business. Similar to a Google search, IVANS Market Appetite immediately presents you with a list of carriers, MGAs, and wholesalers with an appetite for the specific risk, reducing dependency on traditional methods used to find markets and enabling you to present the best coverage options. By providing a simple, automated solution to connect you with carriers and MGAs, IVANS Market Appetite drives greater efficiency and market opportunities.

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Quickly find markets for commercial insurance risks

IVANS Market Appetite’s search engine capabilities allow you to quickly find the right carrier markets for your risk. After entering a few simple search criteria, IVANS Market Appetite immediately presents a list of insurance carriers with an appetite for your risk, allowing you to work more productively, deliver better service and close business faster.

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Gain access to new markets

IVANS Market Appetite displays both appointed and non-appointed carriers interested in a risk, enabling you to identify more markets to ensure you provide clients the best coverage possible.

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Search for markets within your existing workflow

IVANS Market Appetite search capabilities are seamlessly integrated into your daily workflows, enabling you to improve productivity by reducing time spent on outdated ways of identifying markets.


Leverage data-driven insights

Gain access to data-driven market insights to review the latest premium renewal rate change trends, enabling you to advise clients on expected renewal rates while ensuring that insurers are providing the best coverage for the premium rate.


IVANS Market Appetite is now available to any agency.

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