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6 Benefits of Increasing Agent-Carrier Connectivity

1. Higher Revenues
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Nearly 70% of agents found the availability of download to be very important when selecting carriers to do business with.
Agents strongly prefer working with carriers who offer download because it reduces manual, administrative tasks like rekeying and mitigates E&O exposure, leaving more time for selling and servicing. Proactive customer service can increase client retention, driving higher revenues for both agents and carriers.
2. Time Savings
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On average, 40% of agents found 1-2 hours of time savings using ACORD eDocs and ACORD Messages, Claims download or Commercial Lines download.
Agents want to increase their use of download including ACORD eDocs and ACORD Messages, Claims and Commercial Lines. Automated exchange of this information from carriers directly into the management system results in significant time savings. With streamlined workflows and faster communication, servicing becomes more efficient for both agents and carriers.
3. Cost Savings
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$646 per week is what an average agency with 4 Personal Lines CSRs saves with ACORD eDocs and ACORD Messages.
Time is money. By using ACORD eDocs and ACORD Messages, agencies can save almost 2 hours per day per CSR. If an agency has four CSRS making $19 an hour, the resulting cost savings is $646 per week or $33,592 per year!* Carriers save too by no longer having to provide staffing resources to field calls, emails, faxes and snail mail for policy and claims information.

*Calculation based on industry estimates. Exact cost savings may vary depending on your agency workflow and specific business situation.

4. Faster Client Service
87% faster piechart
87% of agents said a benefit of doing business with a carrier who offers automation is servicing clients faster.
It’s important for agents to deliver the fast customer service today's consumers expect. Because automation provides agencies with current policy information and a streamlined workflow, they can proactively initiate customer service, increase renewal retention, grow their book of business, and keep up with client expectations. Agents drive more business to the carriers who enable them to deliver extraordinary customer service.
5. Stronger Relationships
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There are 1,800,000 available download connections, yet nearly 60% are NOT activated.
Many agencies simply are not aware of all the download services their carriers offer or believe they already download every line of business. Automating all types of transactions strengthens agent-carrier relationships, maximizes efficiency and drives more revenue.
6. Expanded Connectivity
View and manage current and potential download activity with IVANS Exchange – an online tool for agencies, carriers and MGAs. IVANS Exchange increases connectivity, simplifying communications and increasing efficiency for agents and carriers across the industry.

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