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Parry & Son, Ltd. enhances workflow automation and customer service with IVANS

To compete against direct writers, Parry & Son, Ltd. needed technology that would increase automated processes and allow agency staff to spend more time on customer service. The agency chose to leverage IVANS to automate business processes, and spend more time as a trusted advisor to clients.

"eDocs and Messages download via IVANS delivers a complete package for service and efficiency. We’re able to proactively serve our clients and stay ahead of their needs while improving insurer relationships."

Lisa Parry Becker

Vice President ,
Parry & Son, Ltd.


Historically, Parry & Son required dedicated staff to manually pull policy documents from insurer websites and download and attach them to client policy files daily. “You can’t always pull the information you need from an insurer website the exact moment a client calls,” said Lisa Parry Becker, vice president, Parry & Son. “Our agents require current policy details to efficiently serve clients at all times, and we needed a way to automate this information download.” The agency needed a secure and efficient way to attach policy updates directly to client files, rather than receiving insurer emails and manually processing requests.


eDocs and Messages download via IVANS enables staff at Parry & Son to automate the exchange of policy-related information across the policy lifecycle, from insurer to the insured. The data exchange occurs in real time, allowing insurers to send specific data directly into the agency’s management system, providing agents on-demand access to important policy documents. “With eDocs and Messages download, we can seamlessly and securely deliver insurer updates to each client file anytime, anywhere,” said Parry Becker. “We’ve seen significant benefits in terms of mitigating risk and protecting our E&O exposure.” Automating servicing through IVANS allows Parry & Son to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date information to clients for improved customer service.


Since implementing eDocs and Messages download, Parry & Son has dramatically improved agency workflows and increased customer servicing options. The agency can now continuously receive current information about its clients and policies, providing a competitive advantage in retaining and writing new business. “eDocs and Messages download via IVANS delivers a complete package for service and efficiency,” said Parry Becker. “We’re able to proactively serve our clients and stay ahead of their needs, while improving insurer relationships.” With the growing number of insurers offering secure data exchange through eDocs and Messages download, Parry & Son will be able to further streamline agency workflows and increase sales.

About Parry & Son, Ltd.

Parry & Son, Ltd. is an independent insurance agency and brokerage firm specializing in property and casualty insurance. Parry & Son insures personal risks as diverse as banks, volunteer fire organizations, nursing homes contractors and builders lumber yards, consultants, delicatessens, caterers, florists, and attorneys. Located in Pennsylvania, it became an IIABA Best Practices Agency in 2007.

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Langhorne, PA
Founded in 1905

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